Zoar Iliana Huerta López is a mexican illustrator and writer. She currently works at Graphikslava, an illustration studio placed in Monterrey, NL. Mexico. Right now she's busy coloring for IDW's Dungeons & Dragons, Stone Arch books, and sometimes Marvel.

This is how she describes herself: "Penciler, colorist, photographer, writer, romantic idealist, Star Wars geek, Tolkien freak, animation nerd, science enthusiast, pizza, ice cream and green tea otaku. Slow person. Mmyep, that's pretty much me!"

Tools of the trade:
Wacom Graphire CTE-630.
Sketchbooks, pencils and scanner.
Photoshop CS3
Paint Tool SAI
Manga Studio EX

Daughter of Jean and Liz. Sister to Mely, Iliana, Toti and Nilus. Proud aunt of Koko!

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