jueves, septiembre 29, 2016

¡Luisito comunica!

This guy is one of my favorites youtubers! Luisitoooo.
Sorry guys, that channel is just for latinos!

viernes, marzo 11, 2016


A commission I did a while ago.
#MadewithWacom from scratch with an #intuos5 #ClipStudioPaint and #Photoshop

jueves, marzo 10, 2016

Freeze Shamalow and the Dragonbot!

Oh hi! I guess I have permission to show my contribution to the “Robots” anthology by Grayhaven Comics. I looooved so much being part of this project because it is a book for children made by children, so how cool is that?!
This neat story is called “Freeze Shamalow and the Dragonbot”.
Writers: Noah F. Helvie (5 years old) and Forrest C. Helvie (Dad).
Art: Zoar Huerta. 

lunes, enero 11, 2016


This was a bad monday. When my husband said this morning "I have bad news to tell you" I imagined everything but this.
#MajorTom #RIPDavidBowie