sábado, septiembre 26, 2015

Sighs deeply.

Yeah, it seems I won't be attending this major artistic-worldwide-trending topic event. Perhaps I'll be doing one or two sketches, but I think it's best for me to hurry up making actual comic pages for my personal project.

Yes, I'm aware I'll miss all the fun but sacrifices must be made.

Heeey, you see that? I'm experimenting again with limited color palette!

jueves, septiembre 03, 2015

Look at this kitty

It was hot that day. I bought a beer... I never drink beer on a hot day and I chose to do it because, well, I'm an adult after all. And guess what, that bloody beer gave me the worst stomach ache ever.

Never, never again. Thank you.

sábado, agosto 08, 2015


Early concept of an OC, thanks to Fabian Cobos for teaching me a couple of photoshop tricks!

miércoles, agosto 05, 2015


A dear friend is going into a long journey and this was her goodbye present.

sábado, marzo 21, 2015

martes, marzo 10, 2015

You Tube

Guess who has a "new" You Tube channel... it's going to be a great hit you know? Because it's been a month now and I already have like two followers!! X'D At this rate I'll have 1000 subscriptors in like, one million years.

Here's the header illustration I did for it. #ClipStudioPaint #madewithwacom #intuos5 

Vintage quality of the eighties, tho.

jueves, febrero 05, 2015