miércoles, noviembre 27, 2013


Commission for a dear friend. Manga Studio 5 + Photoshop CS6 + Intuos 5.

miércoles, noviembre 13, 2013

martes, octubre 08, 2013

sábado, septiembre 07, 2013

miércoles, mayo 08, 2013

Valdus Von Hopffer Bauer

Panonian landlord, bible translator, storyteller, horse and animal lover, philantropist and ocasional babysitter. An original character. Done in Manga Studio 5 and final touches in Photoshop.

lunes, mayo 06, 2013


That bunny collects snake tongues... murdered with that very spear.

sábado, abril 27, 2013


I’ve been reading about the purple triangles in World War II and made this as my new profile pic on facebook. Maybe later I’ll make a t-shirt out of this.

jueves, abril 11, 2013

martes, abril 09, 2013


From an old story of mine called El Poema del Dragón. I hope to finish this soon. Colored in Manga Studio 5, I think I'm doing the final touches in Photoshop. :P