miércoles, diciembre 12, 2012

I was thinking in Catwoman while drawing this, go figure... Warm up sketch. Paint Tool SAI, 15 minutes.

martes, noviembre 20, 2012

martes, junio 12, 2012

Ghibli WIP

Sketches about some of my favorite movies. I'm making these into prints for an upcoming convention!


miércoles, marzo 14, 2012


They want to see me go DOWN... but I'm trying my best to not give them that pleasure.

lunes, febrero 13, 2012

sábado, enero 07, 2012

2 0 1 2

This year looks promising in all senses. I hope to be more efficient and a better person. No more to say. I'm far away from home but I'm dealing with it. Miss you, Liz, Mely, Toti, Danny, Koko... and of course, you, twin evil sister.