domingo, enero 30, 2011

New Moleskine!

Yaaaaay! I forgot to say Florecita gave me a beautiful moleskine sketchbook last december in return of nothing! Gracias vieja!
There is no excuse I say no to sketchcrawls this year!
Flor Look at her working!

jueves, enero 20, 2011

The Beauty of Silence

Nothing to say really. The sketch of the day. I made it on drawr. :D Oh yeah, there is Otto and Valdus too! My baby brother did a fanart of my characters too and I went all crazy about it!

jueves, enero 13, 2011


La primera página de mi nuevo #sketchbook! Espero que este a... on Twitpic

What to say here? MY SCANNER IS *EFFING* DEAD!!

It's a new year and I'm bloody dying to find a new job. Been working from my place, but you know commissions are not enough to pay the bills. There's not much to say here, I collaborated last year with two illustrations for some artbooks leaded by #StudioXIII and ~Miquixtli. And, believe me, I'm desperately trying to get back making comics or so... I've been writing a lot but my mind is yelling me to make more drawings even if they are unpaid.

Sketches variados... como no tengo escaner pues aprovecho a t... on Twitpic Personajes de una fanfic de #starwars que estoy escribiendo. ... on Twitpic Personaje kaminiano de #starwars de mi invención. Como dije:... on Twitpic
Boceto de mi hijo Valdus y su Clan de dragones. Algún día..... on Twitpic And... yes! My dear friend Mary, AKA ~KiYtZiA and I got interviewed for a lousy-crazy podcast at El Tribunal de los Superweyes or else: The Superjerks Courthouse, a blog dedicated to review and criticize movies and every kind of comics. So, they invited us to make a podcast about women in comics, shit! I've never published any comic by myself before except some silly strips and written stories online, but what the heck, I had some serious fun and ~KiYtZiA too! You can listen to the podcast right here! Alas, it's only for spanish listeners mwahahaha!

I hope 2011 will be better than 2010. The things I want to achieve this year are:

Get a job.
Publish a decent comic of my own... a one shot would be nice.
Or else kick my lazy ass to make a webcomic at least.
Learn 3D renders on Google SketchUp. Good call Trucu!

Why so few New Year's Resolutions? I made them short so I don't get dissapointed if I fail, you see last year I had a huge list with, like 20 resolutions!! Did Charecua achieved everything what she reached for? GUESS!

Now this is a little something that happened some days ago. TRUE STORY:

La Triste y Trágica Historia de la Cándida Charecua y su He... on Twitpic Foto: @LiliFotografa. De izquierda a derecha @ezrisima, Danil... on Twitpic
I couldn't get my brother to dye my hair! TT__TT I usually don't post pictures of myself and my family on the net, but my cousin shot the last pic right after those events and my sister, brother and I came out really cute.