sábado, diciembre 10, 2011

BM AZUL sketches!

I'm kind of addicted to my little sketchbook now... so I must scan the rest of them later...

jueves, octubre 13, 2011

jueves, septiembre 08, 2011

Tangled beast.

I saw that Tangled movie last week for the first time and it was awesome!
And damn... Flynn Rider is beautiful in all of his pixel glory!

lunes, agosto 08, 2011

ESdC junk

Sketches from original characters... I'll upload this post from time to time with new images. :D Some of them are really OLD!

Team OronathGAELION

jueves, julio 21, 2011

Thank you Jeff Smith

Thank you for making me laugh hard with this baby. This story has EVERYTHING I look in a good comic book. Thank you and congratulations!

My rendition to one of the most precious jewels in the comic industry! My boss, ~Aburto was kind enough to let me know my little fanart got published on the Souvenir Book at San Diego Comic-Con!

Bone & Co. © Jeff Smith.
Art © Zoar Huerta López AKA ~Charecua

Little sketches... one of them featuring Moby Dick. TTuTT

jueves, junio 30, 2011

Youkai and other sketches...

Nothing really, just trying new brushes! Now this one proves I have ambiguous ambidextrity skills...

martes, marzo 08, 2011


I hate when this happens! My pc suddenly shuts down whenever I'm working real hard and then restarts. Aaargh! Color progress on pages GONE! OK, let's have truce... I'm off to the shower right now.

sábado, febrero 26, 2011

The Dragon's Poem

Lo que hice hace rato en #livestream Vean el replay aquí: ht... on Twitpic Preview of an old story which I plan to make into webcomic once and for all!

viernes, febrero 25, 2011

Live broadcasting.

Watch live streaming video from charecua at livestream.com

I'm going to work on some comic pages at my livestream channel tonight. So feel free to come if you like. These are two sketches I did last night. Cheerios!

miércoles, febrero 09, 2011


Vendo preciosa y amplia casa de dos plantas ubicada en la Colonia Flores Magón, cerca de las playas y el Acuario del puerto de Veracruz. Dirección: Callejón 21 de Febrero 722 entre Iturbide y Mina. Col. Flores Magón. CP 91900. Veracruz, Ver.

Ladies and gentlemen, I sell a gorgeous two story house with lots of space nearby the beaches and Aquarium of Veracruz. Convenient location since it's just five minutes from downtown. Address: 21 de Febrero alley 722. Col. Flores Magon. 91900. Veracruz, Mx.

La casa está situada en un callejón tranquilo, pero no lo vea como desventaja, ya que tiene cerca hoteles, tiendas, restaurantes, escuelas, hospitales, bancos, centro comercial y farmacia. ¡En verdad es un lugar donde hay opciones para ir a divertirse!

The house is located at a quiet alley, but don't see this as a disadvantage since it's near to seaside resorts, hotels, stores, restaurants, schools, banks, shopping mall and drugstore. It really IS a place with many options to go and have fun!

Garage para tres autos. Three car garage.

Ahora, fotos de la entrada y pasillo que da a la estancia principal en la sala-comedor.

Main entrance and hallway to the living and dining room.

Tragaluces altos. High skylights!

Postearé más fotografías de la planta baja y alta una vez que arme más panorámicas. Mientras tanto, si usted está interesado haga favor de comunicarse a los teléfonos (229) 938 79 30, (045) 2291 69 28 59 o al correo charecua@hotmail.com ¡QUE TENGA UN LINDO DÍA!

I'll post more pictures of the first and second floors as soon as I make several panoramic shots. In the meantime, call these numbers if you're interested: +52 229 938 79 30, 011+521+2291 69 28 59 or email to charecua@hotmail.com in case the numbers are wrong. HAVE A NICE DAY!