martes, mayo 18, 2010

VERACON spring 2010

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I had great fun at the local con. I sold many prints and even gave a crash lecture about digital illustration!

These sketches are the ones I liked the most from that day!
100_5709 Aoki Ko from the manga-soon-to-be-anime: Bakuman!

100_5715 100_5716 Urahara and Ichigo from Bleach.

100_5717 Kyo Soma from Fruits Basket.

100_5720 Crazy looking Setsuna and Lockon Stratos from Gundamm 00. Setsuna and Lockon

100_5727 Al and Ed from Full Metal Alchemist! These girls spend almost the whole evening with us. Thank you! 100_5728

I'm really not into Inu Yasha but it was hard to let go of that Sesshōmaru. =( 100_5729 100_5731 100_5734

100_5744 Spike Spiegel and Faye Valentine from the awesome anime Cowboy Bebop.

100_5753 Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club.

ビルゴ の シャカ Shaka from Saint Seiya.

A batch of original characters!


A couple samples of my drawing process during the lecture:

And the little JAM we made afterwards:
BATMAN Whoa! I didn't see him coming! Just started to doodle in Paint Tool Sai and the Batman showed off!
jam This was an art collab between Diana, Mike, Joanna and me. Feel free to check out more pictures at my Flickr account!
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