jueves, mayo 27, 2010

Family old treasure...

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This is Guillermo, my grandfather from my mother side. Below there is a picture featuring the wild Telésforo, he was my grandfather from my daddy side... I think both were very handsome though I've never met them. :(


♥♥♥♥ Now this one is my Mommeeeeh!! ♥♥♥♥
エリサベト の サン フアン デ ウルア の 砦 の所で My dad shot this picture like a year before I was born. Elizabeth never imagined he was trying so hard to get into her pants, oh the poor thing! And that neat rocky background is the ancient Fort of San Juan de Ulúa.
インデペンデンシア 通り。 My sister Melaine, mommy and I taking a walk at downtown. Boy, how I wish
to have that natural spiky hairstyle again!
Meet Jean... he was my Daddeee!
ヤン 父 He was chubby as a child... no, he was chubby ALL his life! XD And last but not least there's a picture of my dear Great-uncle Fito, he is still alive thank God, and what a great uncle he is. I want to be like him when I grow old, he is so patient and funny. I love him very much! The kids are my mother's siblings: Xavier and Alma. The funny thing about this picture, wich by the way is almost 40 years old, is that that very street is the one I am living now! ♪Ch-ch-ch-changes!♫
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