miércoles, enero 20, 2010

domingo, enero 17, 2010

Maldives: Annular Solar Eclipse 15 January 2010 - Time lapse video

Sometimes I feel too down at the evil dominating this little planet... yet there are many things I should be grateful for. I still have my mom and siblings, grandparents and crazy uncles. I feel honored to be born at the age of rock, cinema... internet, why not?

My mind was too occupied these days with house chores and nostalgia. It's been a whole year since my father's death and I must say it hurts the same like that horrible day but the pain it's more bearable. Then came the Haiti earthquake... saw the people suffering via youtube and guess what, I can't do a damn thing about it!! Is it too much to wish for more actual help and less burocracy from the government? One can only wish those provisions get to the people soon...

Anyway, I was about to crash on bed when I learned about this neat annular eclipse on the whole Asia and then again guess... IT WAS TWO DAYS AGO!! I felt infuriated for not knowing such an important event!! Well, that silly anger didn't last even five seconds, I told myself: "Hey! Relax! You wouldn't go to India or China to watch the eclipse either way!" So I asked dear uncle Google for this rare event and this kind of eclipse wont repeat until december of 3043, haha! I'll have 1063 years old on that date, so I must save some money to make a travel to the eclipse hosting country. Let the internet be blessed for make us reach a bit to these cool stuff.

domingo, enero 03, 2010

First sketches of the year!

My characters doing some skydiving. Do not ask me why! This year's resolution is to draw more animals and weird creatures. Because I totally suck at it!
And these others are some from my new sketchbook all done on december!