domingo, abril 12, 2009


From left to right: Omar, Flor and Pedro. Thank you for being born.
It was a long and beautiful day today. I ate with my people at noon, and gathered with my friends afterwards. My level of inspiration rises as I spend time with these guys. We know each other so much we can speak about any possible subject without fears. My attachment to them is undescribable. I feel grateful everytime Omar and Flor make arrangements to visit us from Mexico City. I regret Mary wasn't with us this day, but here in this picture are three of my favorite persons in the whole-effing-world!

sábado, abril 11, 2009

ArtRage vs Photoshop

I downloaded the trial version of ArtRage and I felt overwhelmed at such awesome software! The oils are the best tool! Still... I kinda like the good old photoshop. Well, here's a doodle made on AR, featuring myself all messy. Bleh!

And this is the nothing alike Bryce Dallas, scanned from my sketchbook. Why her? Because she's beautiful and because I can! PSCS3. 15 minutes each.
I know, I should be drawing comics but nooooo, just stupid sketches! *Throws herself to the Great Saarlac*