viernes, noviembre 27, 2009


Some creamy and grungy papers I scanned a while ago. Feel free to use in your commercial and non commercial projects. DO NOT POST THESE TEXTURES ELSEWHERE. The only thing I ask in return: hit favorite button if you download, give me credit and link back to your piece of art when you're done. That would be all. And no, please, I'm not a saint.

Have fun, ladies and gentlemen!

Paper Texture Stock 02 by ~chare-stock on deviantART

Grungy Paper Textures by ~chare-stock on deviantART

sábado, octubre 03, 2009

Kissing my Sketchbook Bye-bye II Edition

Finally! My first doodle on my new sketchbook!
The text says "I believe I can fly..."
And here's a batch from the old one. Just random junk:

A bit of Avatar fangirlism XD
Even Valdus love that show!

A bit of Star Wars universe with characters of my own:

Sketchdump from Der Turm:

Fanarts of Der Turm made by my friends, Cris, Beto y Sergio. Gracias!

Ganimedes & Valdus Oh, yes, and a strip based on a Solo-Skywalker gag. Yes, you may say I'm a Whole-Life Star Wars fantard. Don't sue me George!

miércoles, septiembre 16, 2009

Kissing my Sketchbook Bye-bye!

First batch. Enjoy!
Zuko & Sokka le what? Snapshot Dr. Darvopulous grunt Koto Untitled-43 Grigori V&J Bracho sketch!
And this is a sketch I made on my mommy's notebook. And I tell you, she is not just a mom. She is THE Mom! XD

Ah, yes... I don't wan't to be a show off, but take a look at my new wallpaper!

This was made by the outstanding comic artist Francis Manapul. Please take your time to watch him closely!

Even More Con Sketches by ~manapul on deviantART

martes, septiembre 01, 2009


Much work + No time = Crappy drawings.
I am so discouraged... still, I have hope. Please go look for any of Oga Kazuo's artbooks for inspiration refills. Take a look of this!!
And this:

martes, julio 28, 2009

Japanese lady

Some doodle I made while lunch... done with a black Staedler marker. Music by mexican rockband Motel. Please dont mind the random hiragana, it sucks.

Edit: I had to add some color to it! XD

sábado, junio 20, 2009

Oh noes... D8

I ran out of bussiness cards in the last convention, so I have to make new ones. This little drawing will go at the rear. Have a nice weekend! Lineart made with Paint Tool Sai and toning with Photoshop. XD

viernes, junio 19, 2009


My devious brand new sketchbook of doom! I made white stickers for it at work. Laralalaaa! By the way, I've just discovered I can post blogger entries through my Ericsson mobile, tatankaaa!
I made these sketches as a favor to a friend... the guy approving for the Batman movies, and the one getting bored with the algebra book looks a lot like my younger brother tho' *chuckles*