viernes, octubre 03, 2008

Y entonces me desperté...

The theme is: "Then I woke up" I couldn't help remembering this nightmare I had a couple of years ago in wich I woke up and there was this velociraptor almost trying to pierce my brains with his gaze. No, really, what you see here is based on actual events. Everything here DID happen... except that ridiculous pajama! Nightmares inside other nightmares are the worst traumatic experience for a starving artist, LOL!

Well, I must admit it was really funneh to draw that demonic-japanese-talking-with-american-accent-raptor. I spend like an hour sketching and erasing again and again because the expression didn't convince me. No teeth or growling, I just wanted him to tilt his head a little bit. Have you ever seen the curiosity in the rooster before striking down a worm? Well that's what I wanted... sort of, I hope I had succeed. Pencil + Wacom + Photoshop CS + 4 hours.

Done for the fantastic weekly exercise @ pintamesta.
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