martes, septiembre 16, 2008

Oh, really? Just watch me!

"Wait! NO!"
"Hey, Katara! What would you think about a boy at his sixteens who still sleeps with his dolls in secret?"

Just had to take out this silly idea off my head! *Chuckles* Anyway, I had my mom watching the first eight Avatar episodes the whole afternoon and boy, she loved it! Made in tablet from scratch, photoshop and miscellaneus textures, no reference. 30 minutes. It's crappy I know, but make sure to full view, it's funny! By the way, it's not secret that Aang and Zuko are actually Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, the pimps! XD

miércoles, septiembre 10, 2008

Will I ever finish this story?

I keep drawing my OC's on my sketchbook, alas I can never finish the bloody novel. PLEASE SOMEONE HIT ME WITH A WIP, SO I CAN GET A BIT OF DISCIPLINE!! TTATT And yeah, check out these guys.

martes, septiembre 09, 2008

オビ ワン ケノビ

I made a little oekaki a while ago... but I kinda believe Master Kenobi looks a bit like Jesus here, don't you think?

sábado, septiembre 06, 2008

に無作為に スケトチュクラウル

This is a random sketchcrawl. You see there is this vacant lot behind the Chedraui supermarket near downtown. I went to my dentist that afternoon and then my head just turned left at the sight... the brick walls were blackened and rotten at the top, but there was this beautiful green moss covering the lower parts of the walls. And the tree had this tiny and unbalanced swing, it looked like the perfect cover for a fantasy novel since the sunset light was behind those high walls. I regret so much not having a camera at hand so I penciled this from the picture I had on my mind when I returned home. Alas, the sketch does NO justice at all to the original view, and the scanner makes it even worse! Enjoy!

viernes, septiembre 05, 2008


Zuko is a great character. I'm sorry to keep posting fanarts, I can't help it! D8 I bet Iroh would freak out if his nephew acted like this. I wish Zuko belonged to me, alas! Nickelodeon owns him. TTATT The balloon says: 700 uncles later:
I'll never get the chance to catch the Avatar, uncle. I think Aang wants to be my friend, uncle. What should I do, uncle? The wait is killing me, uncle! Can you prepare lime blossom tea for me, uncle? No sugar, eh uncle? Hey uncle! Are you listening, uncle?!

Hahahaha, I love how he calls Iroh uncle almost every five minutes!

lunes, septiembre 01, 2008

Incoming fanart

Le prometí a Emmy un tributo a Loony, no lo he olvidado, sólo que quiero hacerle algo muy chido. Hace un momento le hice un sketch rapido por el paintchat del msn.
Y en mi sketchbook ya hay varios debrayes que espero le gusten, pero aún estoy decidida a hacer un fanart decente.