jueves, julio 10, 2008

イライ カガネ

Meet Irai Kagane, a Jedi Knight. She also known as Irai Jangzuh. 28 years old. She became Jedi Knight at age 23. Stubborn girl, impatient and recklessly impulsive. Her utmost adoration is her uncle and her love for the wookiee race knows no limits. Irai despises treason and fears the most to be tainted by the Dark Side of the Force. She is an accomplished Vaapad and Soresu user.

As a teenager, she used to sneak at night to go dancing while her master slept. Look, that's a wig! LOL! And that handsome Jedi is Khinich Arano, her Master. Irai ignores that her strict master it's actually her uncle too. She respects and worships him the most, but as in every Master-Padawan relationship they have their grudges and fights from time to time. She learns the truth about him at age seventeen.
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