viernes, junio 27, 2008

ゴンドル の ボロミル。

The most human and truthful character of Lord of the Rings. One of my favorites! Doodle made in 20 minutes. Photoshop. Oekaki style! And these two a re just some old junk from deviantArt.

domingo, junio 22, 2008


Dawn of a new day!

I have a new computeeer! I installed it just yesterday on Grandma's place! Now it's just a matter of time to have internet there. Look closer please! It was a gift from my Dad, I luff you old man! TTwTT The thing is there's no room in my home for another pc, so I'm moving with grandma in a few days, it serves a good purpose. I'll be working hard on my new T-shirt designs plus I can give an eye on my granny since she isn't in well health. I want to thank specially my friend Emma for handing over Open Canvas. It's such a great program! I started doodling right away!

sábado, junio 14, 2008

エリアス と アナ

Elijah and Anna in their childhood. The balloons says: "Let's go see a movie!" and "But I don't have any money." Alas my japanese is not very good! This is a little design for a presentation card. Photoshop CS + Tablet. 2 hours. Thanks for viewing.

Der Turm - Ein Zeitreisenmärchen © ソアル ウエルタ ロペス。

jueves, junio 12, 2008

フリア バスケス

Julie is thinking hard here. Should I stay or should I go? I think this sketch shows my feelings in a way. Don't mind me.

Julia Vazquez © Zoar Huerta.


Guru is a fantastic character created by Gigabeto. This is an ooold sketch I forgot to show here. Byebye!
Guru © Beto Gómez.

miércoles, junio 11, 2008

西村キヌ と オーストリア

I can't find any good images for Nishimura Kinu sensei... she is like, the best kept secret in Japan! Full pic over here. Have you seen Capcom Design Works artbook? I want that book so bad! D8

In other stuff... I've been doing a lot of research of Austrian history for my novel Der Turm - Ein Zeitreisenmärchen. Some would say that Hitler was born in that country, other news explain some treacherous kidnappings and such, like that is a cursed soil, well I don't believe it. All the pictures I've seen from Austria shows beautiful mountains and heavenly skies. I want to go there. I'll do it in some point of my life I hope.

sábado, junio 07, 2008

ヴィラル と ニア

Viral y Nya, una pareja inusual. El primero se las da de maldito, pero en realidad es un honorable pan de Dios. The dialogue goes like this:

Viral: "What do you think you're doing, Princess?"
Nya: "I'm playing Star Wars with Vader... do you want to join me?"
Viral: [...] "Yes."

ヴィラル と ニア © 株式会社ガイナックス

viernes, junio 06, 2008

チェルドリン の ゆめ Old Junk

Since no one looks to my scrapbook at deviantart anymore, I'm moving all that junk over here! These doodles are old... veeeery old! チェルドリン の ゆめ © ソアル ウエルタ ロペス. お願い、私のアートを盗むはありません。

jueves, junio 05, 2008

トトロ と わたし

となりのトトロは私の好きな映画です。となりのトトロ © 株式会社スタジオジブリ。

デル トゥルン 古い図面です。

Der Turm - Ein Zeitreisenmärchen © ソアル ウエルタ ロペス. お願い、私のアートを盗むはありません。私の描画能力は就学許可証のさびたです。


This is myself as a Chuunin.

2003-2004 Junk


martes, junio 03, 2008