sábado, agosto 11, 2007


A while ago, some jerk almost hit me with his car. I was in my way to work and suddenly he invaded the pedestrian lines although the light was in red! This asshole was talking by phone and I believe he got scared by the look I gave him that EVEN managed to pull down the glass window and shout at me: "What a face! You'll become uglier!" and I called back: "Just like your mom, motherfucker!" Geez... I kept walking and then smiled a bit, I was mad and felt bad because I don't like to use cursing words loudly by any means, but that guy scared the shit out of me! He came from nowhere! Ok, I won't say anything about this at home but you sure can keep a secret, right? Good!

Ah! Sketches, yes! I saw Tarzan yesterday... again, and felt compelled to draw Disney style, har! Guess what, it's still there! Manga hasn't take it all away yet. *Chuckles* The ones in markers aren't mine they belong to Rynnay, OMG, you OUGHT TO read her stories and comic strips, this girl will be something great someday, I promise!

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