jueves, agosto 30, 2007


Necesito ver a mi sobrino. No puedo esperar a que lleguen mis vacaciones.

viernes, agosto 24, 2007

Preparing for the Sketchcrawl

I made these last year and never had time to scan them... it's better late than never! The ones below I made them while the bus was in motion, it was such a pain in the neck, LOL, but after a few minutes I got the hang of it!

Various sketches without value...
Princess Tres x Esther Sophie and Gaby
Basilisc Basilisc
Anotsu, the Crow and Kakashi

And this is my current religious status:

El Sueño de Cheldrin

He estado escribiendo ésta, mi primer -e interminable- novela desde que estaba en la secundaria... por ahí de una era llamada paleolítico. ¡Hombre qué horrible era colorear con mouse en ese entonces! El diseño de los personajes ha cambiado un poco con el paso de los años, pero siguen manteniendo su esencia. Conozcan a Cheldrin, Hinma Leif, Jaghar y Leland. ¡El cuarteto de la muerte!

Y aquí una breve escena...


De izquierda a derecha: Julia, Elías, Otto, Wilhem y Valdus. Es una historia inverosímil que estoy escribiendo desde el 2005. Sólo diré que involucra ciencia ficción, edad media, segunda guerra mundial, viaje en el tiempo ¡y dra-go-neees, yahoo!

jueves, agosto 16, 2007

In China's Honor!

This is what I ate a while ago: Sweet pieces of pork and fried rice with vegetables. My God, it was delicious! In China's Honor

And this is my current workspace!
My Desktop

sábado, agosto 11, 2007


A while ago, some jerk almost hit me with his car. I was in my way to work and suddenly he invaded the pedestrian lines although the light was in red! This asshole was talking by phone and I believe he got scared by the look I gave him that EVEN managed to pull down the glass window and shout at me: "What a face! You'll become uglier!" and I called back: "Just like your mom, motherfucker!" Geez... I kept walking and then smiled a bit, I was mad and felt bad because I don't like to use cursing words loudly by any means, but that guy scared the shit out of me! He came from nowhere! Ok, I won't say anything about this at home but you sure can keep a secret, right? Good!

Ah! Sketches, yes! I saw Tarzan yesterday... again, and felt compelled to draw Disney style, har! Guess what, it's still there! Manga hasn't take it all away yet. *Chuckles* The ones in markers aren't mine they belong to Rynnay, OMG, you OUGHT TO read her stories and comic strips, this girl will be something great someday, I promise!