martes, abril 24, 2007

Aka doodle!

I was a little bored at the office so I started sketching a bit. This is what it came out. What you look here is what I feel about myself right now. I don't use red in most of my drawings, but I kinda feel daring, reckless and confident about facing my daily challenges. I used some brushes from mp0 and Liam for those splatter effects and the Sex Pistols were bumping on my ears out and loud!

domingo, abril 22, 2007

Violeta Parra

Mi hermana acaba de enseñarme un video de una gran mujer y artista. La señora Violeta Parra... yo no sabía que era políglota. Vale la pena que chequen éste video, me hizo sentir un poco triste pero a la vez me sorprendió. Ce documental est en français, il vaut la peine l'observation. Vous voir plus tard.