domingo, marzo 25, 2007

Paintchat and Oekaki Sessions

I've been under a lot of stress lately. I think I'll miss the deadline for a comic contest in Spain. I keep trying, but the work of the office don't leave me any time to continue with Death Angel... saaad, real sad because it's such a great story. Let's hope my boss don't read this, hahahaa. *Clears throat* Anyway... I entered to Niko's Paintchat last friday night to make some doodles and started to draw here and there, it's so damn funny! Suddenly I was like: "Look! It's Howl!"

Then I've met these girls: Etna Yoko and Kudon. Etna was having troubles with the screencap button and I offered to help a bit, since there's no way to save your drawings in an online paintchat, the only option is to take screenshots and fix them in photoshop later. Later I felt kinda strange because I was making a little sketch of Kyouya, from Ouran High School Host Club and this girl named Kudon recognized my style from deviantart, she said she would stalk me from now on and I just chuckled a little feeling a bit famous myself, hahaha, check the tiny messages at the drawing. XD

Really I think anyone with a tablet should try this paintchat thing. I am kinda new and still don't get the hang of it very well but I believe it's a wonderful way to kill time. Check out the rest of the drawings below if you please. Suddenly, I heard my mom's voice whispering: "Zoar, look at the hour. Aren't you gonna work tomorrow?" I turn my sight to the clock at the edge of the screen. 4:00 am!! Golly! I save everything worth to be saved and bid good night to the people of the forum. I say it's a bad idea to sleep LATE and get up EARLY to work on saturday morning. No sir, that's a no no! TToTT


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