miércoles, agosto 09, 2006

My first Sketchcrawl!!

It's a bored, gray, rainy day and I can't find a proper word to curse mother nature. I was planning this for nearly 3 weeks, I'm kinda getting stressed at the office and finally, when sunday, my sole free day of the week arrives, it bloody rains! F**k!! I was hoping to get up early in order to watch and draw the sunrise. O well, it's humid and yet warm when the rain stops. I grab some fabrianno folds, my aquarelable pencils, water, some shitty brushes and markers. "Don't tell me you're about to leave" says Grandma, "I already told you I would go" "Suit yourself, but take an umbrella with you!" she grunts. It's 2:10 pm when I walk through "El Muro" a long breakwater with a pretty green lighthouse at the end. Now this is the view of Veracruz bay and the Novo Mar Hotel at the left and Royalty Hotel at right. Mmm... came to think this looks better in my hands. That bloody scanner...

This is a little perspective from El Muro, the breakwater. What a sad sunday I say. There are a few raindrops on the paper if you see. I think I'll just walk away somewhere else, people are starting to anoy me.

These are the famous service lifts from San Juan de Ulúa shipyards. Some japanese folk don't stop saying "Sugoi desu ne!" while they record in their cell phones my sketchcrawling. I say bowing "Domo arigato minna san" and then they're going nuts to the fact I speak a little japanese... now that was kinda fun. I'm starving... it's 3 o´clock by now. Time for lunch!!

I´m back at gramma´s eating potaje, wich is a delicious soup made of white beans, pork and vegetables. This sketchcrawl moment was sponsored by Coca-cola.

This is the front of the house where I live now. Under the 722 number you may read: "Casa de Locos" or Madhouse for that matter.

A licor shop... total boredom here.

Acuario de Veracruz detail... is absolutelly right, sometimes the length of the paper is not enough to catch whats in the eye.

It is night already, 9:PM to be precise and I'm outside the Vips restaurant. The object of my study is an unaware man who has been sitting, there is a carrousel next to him and he waves his hand everytime his little daughter passes in front of him. The sketch does no justice to his tender expression. Damn it was good to make this excercise.

domingo, agosto 06, 2006

Título impronunciable

Sí, porque son miles de cosas las que me están pasando por la mente ahora mismo para injuriar a la madre naturaleza. Éste domingo prometía ser perfecto, tenía listos mis pinceles, marcadores, aguilucho, papel fabriano, agüita y lápices para embarcarme en mi primer sketchcrawl por la ciudad de Veracruz y la zona conurbada de Boca del Río... pero noooo señor, tuvo que llover maldita sea. Llevo casi un mes planeando esto, la semana pasada no pude hacerlo por un maldito código rojo en la oficina y ahora que puedo ¡llueve! Ni modo tendré que hacerlo indoors mientras quemo discos en la computadora.

Y bueno, también está Aquaman, que modestia aparte se ve muy sexy, como siempre lo quise ver... a pesar de que es la primera vez en mi vida que lo dibujo.

viernes, agosto 04, 2006


O lo que es lo mismo, Rojo. Dibujillo hecho en la oficina hace unos días, pero apenas hoy me dio tiempo de subirlo. El próximo domingo iré con Claudia Kotorito a hacer sketchcrawl, deséame suerte. Por cierto, como soy muy huevas para explicar qué diablos es un sketcrawl, mejor vayan a preguntarle al Tío Google.